Your Must Have Dating Guide To Magical San Francisco

San Francisco continues to be one of the great cities of America. This adored location attracts local and international tourists all year round offering tasty cuisine on every street, shopping and markets, and bars on nearly every corner.

Looking to meet singles or go on a romantic date in San Francisco? Look no further! We have compiled tips to guide you through the impressive array of activities this famous town offers…

We’re not sure what’s more romantic, popping the champagne among the clouds in a hot air balloon ride looking down over San Francisco Bay and the city, The Vista Grande Helicopter Tour, or the San Francisco Dinner Dance Cruise. The first two options sound like something out of a fairy tale, so for us mere mortals, the San Francisco Dinner Dance Cruise is probably more realistic. Take in the sun set over San Francisco while cruising San Francisco Bay. You will relish a delightful four-course meal freshly cooked onboard by an expert team of chefs. After dinner, dance to the live band and soak up the city skyline as you sip cocktails from the alfresco decks.

A first date doesn’t always need to be a typical dinner and movie night, your date will be very impressed if you arrange something unique and mysterious. Nob Hill is a renowned area in San Francisco where Ghost Tours take place – as long as you don’t turn into a real vampire, you’ll have a fun and exciting outing.

Take in an art-house movie – San Francisco is a city known for its alternative culture, so get with the spirit of the city by choosing an independent flick. But remember – always be flexible when choosing a movie with your date, you don’t want to be seen as the domineering type incapable of compromise.

The Museum of Modern Art always has an exhibition or event of interest to take in. Add some culture to your first date as you check out the amazing works by American artists like Jackson Pollock. Budget daters take note – it’s free to get into the Museum of Modern Art on the first Tuesday of every month, while admission is half-price on Thursday evenings between 6 pm and 8.45pm.

Take a picnic blanket and a bottle of wine and head to one of the Bays many Wildlife Parks for some quality one on one time. We can’t think of a better way to get to know someone than in such a tranquil and peaceful environment.

Try a Napa Valley Wine Tour. It’s only one-and-half hours or so from the city and is guaranteed to create a memorable first date. There are numerous other options and you can tour California’s wine country by limo, bus, carriage, train or take the date to dizzying heights on a hot air balloon.

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What is the step in-between dating and engagement in a relationship?

my partner and are on our fourth year of being together
it gets on my nerves because people ask “are you two dating?”
i dont know how to respond because we are together almost 24/7
so i just say “i guess u could say that. we go everywhere together.”

so what is the official word for being past the stage of dating, and planning on being engaged?

4 years? If you don’t buy that girl a ring soon the official word for you will be “single”.

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