Your Hair Can Make You Stand Out In The Office

Is your head in your work? We don’t mean if you are concentrating. We are talking about your hair. Does the image you project fit the work you do and how you want to be perceived? “Believe it or not a good hair cut can mean the difference between staying at the same desk for years and moving ahead in your profession,” says Stephen Angoita of the advisory group, Vissage Image.

Although the expression “how you look is how you are perceived” does not really seem fair it is precisely how many are judged in the work place. Every day millions of people judge each other after seen how their hair is cut and styled. The truth is that your boss and co-workers are influenced by first impressions, how we look, and their professional evaluations of us often depend to a large degree on our appearance.

Remember that small companies and large corporations put a lot of stock in projecting an attractive and appealing corporate image. Dave Alexander, member of American Haircut of the USA and co-creator of Metro-Men’s grooming products, says that corporate recruiters pick people who are not just professionally capable but project a strong appearance and are attentive to their personal grooming.

Mr. Angoitia adds that the hairstyles of today are inspired by those of the 1950’s with short hair predominating. It is very important to keep up with current style to look good as well appropriate for the job. For a new job at a law firm you probably do not want long, shaggy hair. You want to be neat and well groomed and inspire confidence in your clients. Here are a general rules:

Rule 1: Take Note Of Those Around You

What are your co-workers doing with their hair? If your look is far from the office norm consider a change. The idea is to stand out but not to seem too strange or outlandish. Using a hair gel is a good idea to avoid having your hair become disorderly during the day.

Rule 2: Whom Do You Deal With Every Day?

Many people need to deal with customers, clients, and the general public all day long. Think of how your hair looks to these people. If your goals to win these folks over to your side, sell them a product, or convince them of something wear your hair to succeed and not to offend. Short and modern is best.

Rule 3: Get A Haircut Consistent With Your Age

You might think that a modern and daring haircut gives you style but there can be a fine line between avant garde and ridiculous. If you are of a certain age avoid highlights, bleaches, and dyes.

Rule 4: Do Your Hair Style And Clothes Match?

You may really like an ultramodern haircut but will it look good with a three piece business suit? You hair is part of your look and you want your look to be balanced. If you are uncertain ask an expert.

Long Or Short?

1. Short

Short hair is best suited for an active lifestyle, athletes or those who spend a lot of time outside the Office. Short hair is also best for those with thin hair. Remember that a short haircut, like at Marine boot camp, can look aggressive in a professional environment.

2. Medium

Medium hair length is right for any conservative work environment. Medium length hair is also versatile. You can use gel, mousse, and other products to achieve a modern look.

3. Long

Long hair is the hallmark of creative men, designers, musicians, artists, and film makers. Long hair really does not work in the conservative work settings of accountants, bankers, and lawyers.

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