RSS Tells Its Members to Join Rival Online Singles Dating Sites

In recent months, hookmeup has filled its website advertising rival dating sites. From within their site, singles can literally pick from dozens of other dating sites, sending business to them.

Hookmeup is fast becoming known within the online dating industry as a vehicle for singles to start the selection process to decide which dating site suits their needs. With a multitude of dating services available online, the dating sites found on hookmeup comprise of Australia’s top sites, and visitors to hookmeup can be assured of finding above board singles sites which offer a thorough and professional online dating experience. 

The idea of intentionally promoting your competition above your own companies potential membership growth would seem unusual to many business owners. So what is the means behind this concept?

Dating sites located on hookmeup pay hookmeup for the visitors they receive. Some dating sites pay hookmeup when a visitor clicks on their link sending them a potential customer. Others, like oasis active and RSVP payout when they receive a registered member via hookmeup.

In a very competitive online industry, it seems ironic that rival online dating sites depend on each other to achieve extra business. With this concept of hookmeup offering a free dating service for singles, there appears to be three distinct parties set to benefit.

1/ Revenue for Hookmeup

2/ Advertising for hookmeups competitors who only pay on results.

3/ A free dating site for singles. Besides the advertising component, hookmeup offers a fully functional dating website with instant messaging,  profile matching, general and private chat rooms. 

Which online dating site has the most good/normal people, any tips for placing an ad?

I want to join a dating site but am afraid of what’s out there. I would like to meet a quality person for a long term relationship. Any suggestions on ones you’d recommend? Am in Los Angeles if that makes a difference. I had put up a nice one on Craigslist but got some immature responses.

Try this dating site

Really Nice!! My username is “looking4love”.

Give me your comments on my photos. I’m waiting 4 u.

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