Women Attracted to Muscular Men

Are women attracted to muscular men? As men head to the gym for a workout this may be their belief? Then the question is just how much muscle is attractive and how much is just too much? Are some women attracted to muscular men while others are attracted to men with a slim and less bulky physique? And, for that matter, are women more attracted to a man who is attentive, caring, and protective? Genetically women tend to favor a good protector and provider. Are women who first look at a muscular man going to stay with him for the long term? Here are a few thoughts about women attracted to muscular men.


A good looking guy is a good looking guy. It is not surprising when you see women attracted to muscular men. A little fantasy never hurt anyone and many women who are in happy relationships can enjoy a few pleasant thoughts when they see a muscular man. But what is next?

I Want Him!

A single woman may see a muscular guy and fall head over heels for him. She may start thinking about how to get his attention and entice him into a relationship with her. Women attracted to muscular men may want to visit the gym themselves, go to athletic events, and otherwise make themselves visible to the men who they find attractive.


Guys, remember that enough is enough. Exercise, whether weight lifting, body building, or even long distance running can be addictive, endorphins and all. If you find yourself spending all of your time at the gym and especially if you find yourself using steroids to bulk up do not be surprised if many women are not attracted to you. Women attracted to muscular men are often reacting to a genetically programmed impulse to look for a protector and provider. There comes a point where being too bulked up does not fit the genetic pre-programming and she will not be interested.

Protect Me

The fact that many women attracted to muscular men are looking for a protector works in your favor if you work out. But, remember, that you need to follow through with the script. You need to act like a gentleman, take care of her, be around her, and make sure that she feels protected in order for this scenario to work. If you spend your entire life in the gym she is going to look somewhere else.

Pay Attention To Me

Every guy who works out knows that it is a job. You need to show up on schedule, work out hard, eat right, take supplements, etc. But when you are attractive to women you have additional issues in your life. Questions will pop up like, “just how much time do you need to spend at the gym?” You may think that being muscular makes you the center of your girlfriend’s attention but you may just find out that you are another accessory for her, like a pretty dress, new hair style, or jewelry and that she expects you to be constantly present so that she can be seen with you. Dating women attracted to muscular men can cut both ways so be careful.

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