Wii Dating lands in London

A whole new way to meet fellow singles is just about to start out in London this August…

“Wii Dating” will see singles compete with and against each other whilst playing on the fantastically fun games console, the Nintendo Wii – the perfect console to bring people together whilst having fun playing.

It should prove to be a very interesting way of breaking the ice with new people as well as adding some extra spice to the evening. You never know, Wii Dating could eventually replace Speed Dating as the the most popular type of dating event.

How does it work?

Instead of the usual speed dating routine, singles get the chance to break the ice by either playing with or competing against other singles. Could you impress the ladies with your macho bowling rhythm? Or women, could you conveniently get the guy to show you how to swing your virtual golf club better by allowing him to demonstrate by going through the motions with you?

The Wii has proved a hit with guys and girls in the living room up and down the UK, and so it now has its chance to flaunt it’s sociable magic on the singles arena!

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What is the best dating etiquette or social graces that someone would recommend for dating?

I’ve been a little rusty a bit lately, since I come here to ask questions I thought I might as well ask –
What is the best dating etiquette or social graces that someone would recommend for dating?

Etiquette & Tips

Have a little bit of cash so you can share the bill (Male or female)
Have a few conversation starters in mind (You don’t want to just sit and stare)
Dress to the occasion and make sure you have good shoes for outings
Listen carefully and don’t give too much eye contact so it doesn’t seem like you are staring
Try to steer clear of yes and no questions, mostly ask open-ended questions
Always thank them for the good time (even if it was boring)
Fancy dining? Know which fork is for what. In the US we work our way from the outside to in.
If they do something clumsy just smile and reassure them that you don’t mind

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