Why Movies are Bad First Dates

If you want to have a successful first date and not empty your piggy bank in the process, forget the dinner and a movie idea. explains why movies are bad first dates, especially when combined with dinner.

Dinner and a movie is a big time commitment.  You are essentially asking her to block off 3- 4 hours to spend with you.  That’s a lot to ask when you don’t even know each other yet, and may deter her from saying “yes” to your invitation in the first place.  And even if she does say yes there’s a lot of pressure to keep the date constantly stimulating, or you run the risk of having it “drag on”.  And the last thing you want is her looking at her watch waiting for the date to end.

A better idea for a first date is the coffee shop or a walk in the park. In both cases you can cut things short if it is not working out. You will hopefully leave your new friend hoping for more and wanting to see you again. And you will not be spending so much money on a date that might not work out. See our article Cheap First Date.

First dates often turn out badly because the couple tries too hard to make it perfect and in doing so makes the first date too complicated. On a first date you will want to have a good time and get to know the person you are going out with. An evening at an expensive restaurant may just end up making both of you feel uncomfortable, trying to look good and act perfect. A cheap first date removes overly high expectations, lets both parties relax, and usually leads to long conversations and a second date.

More often than not on a first date less is better. But, if the two of you really hit it off and get to talking how does that work at the movies?

You Cannot Talk During a Movie

If you would like to get to know your new friend you will want a quiet place with few distractions so that the two of you can talk. Why movies are bad first dates is that you really cannot start or carry on a meaningful conversation during a movie. Good communication leads to lasting relationships and that is not going to happen during a movie with repeated car chases, explosions and loud theme music.

The person you met on the internet may be attractive and even wealthy. But, does he or she talk to you? Is he or she funny? When he or she does talk is it in communication or complaints, orders, and/or boring details of the past that you hear?

You will not find out anything useful about this new person unless the two of you get a chance to talk. That is really why movies are bad first dates.

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