Why Most Men Fail With Online Dating

Have you decided to turn to online dating sites to meet women? Getting her attention in the right way is the’s how!

It’s no secret that women are often bombarded with advances from other male members from free dating sites. Women on popular dating sites sometimes average up to 100 new messages per day. The problem is for the majority of these admirers is that 95% of them will never get a look in.

In order for men to become one of the minority and to succeed with online dating, they need to first figure out what motivates and inspires a woman to respond in the first place before she instinctively hits the delete button.

There is no doubt an art form of how to get your emails and messages read. Think of it from her point of view, if she gets the same old style of unimaginative messages and greetings day after day it stands to reason that messages with a unique and inspirational theme will have a positive reaction by the recipient.

Messages with little or no thought tells her that the guy has not bothered to even properly read her profile or address concerns and interests as set out on her singles dating profile web page. Standard messages such as “hi, wanna chat sometime” or “hi, I really like your profile” sends a message that he is probably spamming numerous women with the same messages and that he has no clue what she is really looking for and just makes him come across as down right desperate or an internet dating pest. Women want to be inspired not pestered.

Write this one down guys: Men often fall in love visually. Women often fall in love with witticism and charm.

Men are inspired to initiate contact with online dating when they see an attractive picture. She will write back to you or even initiate contact based on what is written. See the difference?

Need some more advice on how to succeed with women? Take some time out to research what she wants and needs to be mentally stimulated. The physical part is the easy bit once you’ve won over her mind. Can you confide in a female friend for advice or assistance with this subject? It’s a good way to get the ball rolling. Also take the time to read articles about women.

Make it your mission to find out how the lovely ladies tick and how to stimulate their minds. This is the keystone in succeeding with online dating.

Visit us online for more information on how online dating websites can improve your social network. Chat rooms are also an ideal way to meet new people for relationships and friendships.

What dating method do they use to determine the age of really old fossils?

Yesterday there was news of a 3.3 million year old Australopithecus afarensis fossil from Ethiopia. I’m just curious as to how they ascertain the age. I know it’s not carbon-14 dating, that’s 2 orders of magnitude beyond its range. It’s been a while since I learned about this stuff, so thanks for refreshing my memory.

They measure the decay of other radioactive elements, not carbon. The half life of carbon 14 is only 15,000 years or so. For anything older than that they measure for example, how uranium decays into lead. The article below may help.

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