Who Do You Want To Date?

Who do you want to date? Well, it depends on why you are going out in the first place. Going out and having a good time with someone is a good reason to date. So is looking for someone to spend your life with. Individuals may date with the intent of finding a consenting sexual partner but no long term relationship. So, who do you want to date? It depends. Here we have a few suggestions for you depending on just what your reasons are for dating.

Bored And Any Reason To Get Out Of The House Will Do: Who do you want to date in this case? Almost anyone will do because all you want is an excuse to go out. However, in this case you probably are not interested in someone who is looking for a spouse. You are also not looking for someone who wants to unload all of their troubles and worries on you. If you just want to get out of the house make sure that you tell your too-ardent suitor to relax and enjoy the evening.

Looking For Someone To Have A Good Time With: In this case you are not desperate. But you are also not looking for a long term relationship, just yet. Look for someone who likes doing the things that you do. Join a club or interest group. Do the things that you enjoy. You are very likely to meet someone with similar interests. And, don’t spoil the fun by starting to get too serious too soon. Remember that dating is supposed to be fun. If your friend and you find that sex is fun as well just be sure to take precautions.

Looking For A Husband Or Wife: If you are serious about looking for someone to spend your life with, be sure to remember that you still want to start out by having fun and doing the things that you want. If you are going to spend your life with someone you want that person to be someone that you enjoy being with, that you trust, and that you love. Those aspects of a dating relationship grow with time. So, take your time and things will work out.

Looking For Someone To Tell Your Troubles To: Who do you want to date in this case? In this case you should look to your sister, best friend, or a counselor. Don’t mix dating, which is supposed to be fun, with a therapy session. When you have been dating for a while are developing a strong relationship it is OK and in fact a good idea to talk about serious things. But, don’t start out a dating relationship by dumping a load of problems on your boyfriend or girlfriend. They will probably not stay around.

Looking For Someone Of Your Ethnic Or Religious Background: There are a large number of online dating sites that cater to well defined groups whether focused on religion or sexual preference. Take a look and find the man or woman of your dreams who also fits your specific criteria.

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