Which Online Dating Sites Should I Trust?

With approximately sixty new online dating sites being launched each week globally, its little wonder that singles are becoming more and more cautious about which dating sites are the real deal. Research compiled for this article includes topics on what to avoid, and some factual information that will assist singles on choosing a great dating site.

Dating sites that bombard you with emails from other “so called” members the minute you register are best avoided. Chat room pop ups and the like are a distinct sign of a dodgy dating site. Try not to let yourself be drawn in with such tactics. Misrepresentations are extremely common in the dating industry. In a recent lawsuit, a Scottsdale dating service agreed to pay $500,000 in restitution and fines settling a lawsuit filed by the State Attorney General. The Scots-dale dating service engaged sales tactics and misrepresentations to sell over priced memberships.

Other alarming research states that around 50% of people tell lies on their online dating profile. What these people hope to achieve by this tactic is extremely short sighted as real life meetings will always uncover the truth which is seeing more and more genuine singles losing faith with their online dating experiences.

There is no way that anyone in their right mind would fork out a $50.00 subscription for an online dating membership to a new and unknown dating site when there are several tried and trusted dating sites with 100s of 1000s of singles on their database.

Out of the sixty new dating sites launched each week, it is thought that around only 5% will have any sort of success. So the only thing accomplished by this daily influx of free online dating sites is that the consumer is left disillusioned, frustrated and disappointed with the whole selection process. To find the dating site that is the real deal always go for one that has a huge database and that is well known.

Remember, the large dating sites are successful because they have poured millions of dollars into promoting their sites and they need your subscriptions to stay in business and to continue offering singles legitimate online dating services. US based dating site match spent over 100 million dollars in advertising last year. A new dating site can be designed and launched for a few hundred dollars. Which of these dating sites do you think will bring you the best results?

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