When You Are Just Dating

When you are just dating it is may be OK to see someone else. When you are just dating you may not want to make plans. If either of you is going to move away or join the military it might be a good idea to just date and not look for a serious relationship. If all you want is a little fun you probably just want to date and not get serious. Sometimes this approach works and sometimes when you are just dating you suddenly realize that you are in love and that the relationship has become serious. Here are a few thoughts about when just dating works out fine and when you should think about a long term relationship.

When You Have Just Met

Dating is supposed to be fun. If dating turns into a long term relationship it would be nice to be with someone who is fun to be with. If the two of you are meant to be it will happen.

When You Have Just Broken Up

Beware of the dreaded rebound if you have been in a long term relationship and have recently broken up. This is a very difficult and confusing time. Don’t try to immediately replace your lost sweetheart with the next person in line. When you are just dating after a breakup keep in simple and keep it fun.

When You Just Want A Little Fun

Maybe you are just not ready for a serious relationship. If you have life plans that require a substantial commitment of time, energy, travel, and more it will probably be better if you don’t get into a serious relationship that competes with your plans. This is when you are truly just dating to have fun and companionship and not making plans for the future.

When You Won’t Be Together Very Long

Heading off for college, the military, or a new job? When you are just dating someone it will be easier to say goodbye and move on than if you have gotten serious. You will have to decide just how attached the two of you are. If you are in a serious relationship you will need to figure out what to do. When you are just dating, you can move on without regrets.

But, there are times when you are just dating and things change.

When You Cannot Get Enough of Him or Her

You have been just dating and you and your new friend enjoy each other’s company. You find yourselves spending more and more time together. When you are just dating it is easy to spend a week or even a month apart. When you are developing a loving relationship it is time to start thinking about the long term. That is the other part of dating, finding someone to spend your life with.

Having Children

When you are just dating and one or the other of you does not take precautions, pregnancy and children come into the picture. This changes the equation. What two adults do for fun is their own business. When a baby comes into the picture it time for responsibility. The two of you need to talk, decide if you want a relationship, and decide about the welfare of your child.

Trying Too Hard

Dating can be and should be fun. If you are dating in order to find mister perfect or miss perfect you need to decide at one point of another. If your criteria for the man or woman of your dreams are too high, you may find yourself alone while all of your “rejects” are happily married. Be reasonable and be open to the other person. Sometimes when we quit trying so hard, things become easier. Then, when you are just dating someone you will find that you have fallen in love.

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