When Will It Be Safe to Date Again?

You met someone on line and are waiting to meet face to face. You may be dreaming of a hot first date. At least it would be nice to hold hands or even share a little kiss. Of course, none of this is currently possible with social distancing, masks and enforced lockdowns. Luckily, dating during the coronavirus pandemic has still been possible online. But, relationships need to advance beyond the online stage or they fade away. When will it be safe to date again?

Dating, Social Distancing, and Masks

What has slowed the spread of the coronavirus has been a near-total shutdown of modern society. Staying six feet apart, wearing masks, and staying home when you feel sick have undoubtedly saved many lives. The fact of the matter is that you really can meet your new friend face to face. You just need to stay six feet apart or wear masks when you are closer. Of course, that makes romance a little difficult.

When Can Your Relationship Be More Intimate?

People who live in the same home, are not sick, and abide by the precautions necessary for the virus, don’t wear masks and engage in all of the activities of normal life. If you and your new friend do not have fevers, don’t work in areas where you are likely to get exposed, and have not been around anyone with the disease for at least two weeks, you might consider getting together! The coronavirus is passed by coughing, sneezing, and direct contact with infected surfaces. It is not a sexually transmitted disease, but if you do have sex on the first date, you still need to remember the condoms.

Don’t Panic Because This Will All Eventually Come to an End

As tiresome as living under a perpetual quarantine can be, even the coronavirus will run its course. Don’t let desperation make you forget to think about who you want to go out with. A benefit of the current situation is that it gives you more time to think about what kind of a relationship you want, what kind of person you want to spend your life with, and how fast you want to move from a free and single life to one of marriage and family responsibilities. Our advice is to take advantage of this. Try to meet more people online, and don’t panic because you are stuck at home for the next weeks or even months.

How Long Is the Pandemic Going to Last?

Until there is a generally available and effective vaccine, a true medical cure is discovered, or the virus simply runs its course until it infects about 70% of the world’s population, it will continue to be a factor in our lives. Wishful thinking, boredom, or anger about the situation will not make any of this go away. As such, do what you can to meet and socialize online, take precautions when meeting anyone face to face (or mask to mask), and be doubly sure before you move to a sexual relationship.

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