When Is It OK to Say No to Sex

When is it OK to say no to sex? Some people fantasize about a hot first date ending with having sex. But many men and women simply want to go out with a new person, get to know them and take their time getting know this new boyfriend or girlfriend. If your new friend is really getting excited and starting to insist on making love, when is it OK to say no to sex? Will you lose him or her forever? Maybe that would be for the best! Here are a few thoughts about when it is OK to say no to sex on a first date or anytime.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Children and Condoms

As attractive as your new friend may be, he or she may carry a sexually transmissible disease such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes or AIDS. If you are uncertain about whether this sexy new person might give you a disease it is OK to say no to sex. If neither of you remembered to bring condoms it is OK to say no to sex. If you have not taken any precautions to avoid pregnancy and are not ready to start having children it is OK to say no to sex.

The Relationship Is Not Worth the Price

You may be going out with someone who thinks that they deserve to have sex with you as a form of payment for their attention or because they are paying for everything on the date. If you are not interested in having sex with this guy right now do not. This is bad road to go down. Remember that you are a good and valuable person and that you do not need to do or say things that you do not want to. Do not start out in a relationship that is abusive psychologically or physically. We wrote once about sacrifice for love. This works out well in romance novels but is perilous in real life. Sacrifice for love can be a trap. Sometimes our partners in life are takers and not givers. Spending years tolerating verbal or physical abuse or submitting to sex when you do not really want to is not really sacrifice for love. Putting up with such a life is never a good idea and is not sacrifice for love. It is a life of fear and regret. Unfortunately there are individuals who only feel good if they are constantly giving, until they are wrung out, tired, and resentful. Then years of sacrifice for love bring them to a sense of a lost life and deep resentment.

When It Is OK to Say Yes to Sex

The point in dating is to be looking for someone who is fun, someone who will be easy to live with, and someone who helps shoulder his or her fair share of the work of a relationship. In dating someone we find out first hand if this is the person we want to see again and eventually the person we want to spend our life with. When you want to be with this person day and night in a happy relationship and the mere sight of them excites you sexually it is certainly time to say yes to sex.

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