What To Look Out For If You Are Dating Someone You Met Online

Online dating is a great invention. It gives all of us the chance to meet more people. And, depending upon our criteria for picking a person to spend our life with, online dating may be the only way to meet that person. Online dating offers lots of opportunities. Now let’s look at what to look out for if you are dating some you met online. There can be great rewards to meeting someone online and it can be a total waste of time or even dangerous. People tend to exaggerate in the resumes that they post and sometimes they lie. If you pick up on the exaggerations and lies on your first face to face date you have only wasted one “real” date. If you don’t see the dangerous part you may be in trouble. So, let’s consider what to look out for if you are dating someone you met online.

Wasting Your Time

In the case of someone who is publishing their fantasies online and not being truthful about who they really are – you will catch this pretty quickly. Either relegate them back to the pool of folks you chat with online or cut things off quickly. They are mostly wasting your time.

If you fall into their fantasy be careful. You are not only wasting your time. You are letting a relationship develop that is a lie and that will hurt you emotionally, financially, and even in regard to your health in the long run. Insist on the truth and either go forward on that basis or cut it off and go back to look for someone else.

And, by the way, we are just talking about the other person fibbing about themselves. If you present yourself inaccurately online the other person may simply take just one look and leave. Stick to the truth. It works.

Potentially Dangerous Situations

Here are a few of the sticky situations that arise in online dating:

Already Married Or In A Serious Relationship

Men and women who are married can get bored. They start chatting online. They post a resume. They may choose to start an affair with you. You may or may not have chosen to enter into a sexual relationship with a married person but it is another thing entirely if you think that he or she is single and available to develop a long term relationship with you. This is a relationship to get out of before you get hurt.

Intentional Scams

So why would the supposedly pretty 18 year old Philippine lady want to hook up with you, Mr. 60 year old? Money? A green card? Is the picture real? What is in it for you and what is in it for her? And is she already asking for “help” before you even see her? If this sort of thing attracts you it might be tempting to go to her country to meet here. If you are that adventurous have her come to your hotel in downtown Manila to meet you and your bodyguard!

Dangerous People

If, once you meet in person that person you met online you get the sense that he or she is demanding, controlling or even physically dangerous leave immediately. You health, personal safety, and life are your first concern. If this person has bad problems let him or her deal with them. You can always find someone compatible, nice, and a good person to spend your life with.

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