What to Do When Your Boyfriend Leaves and You Are Pregnant

You are pregnant and your boyfriend has decided it is time to leave. What do you do? After getting over the initial shock you need to think about what is important and set your priorities. Now that you are pregnant the most important person in the equation is your baby. Your plans need to revolve around the precious life you are carrying. And boyfriends present or missing don’t come in second. You come in next in importance and the skunk that decided to leave at this critical moment comes in a distant third or worse. What to do when your boyfriend leaves and you are pregnant is to get your life in order as best you can and move on. If getting your boyfriend back would be a plus you should consider it. If he is more trouble than he is worth then talk to a lawyer about making sure that he pays child support.

Why Did He Leave?

In our recent article, how to move on when your boyfriend leaves you, we noted that you deserve to know why he left, if he can tell you.

When he leaves without any warning the first thing to do is to take care of yourself. Don’t sit around wondering what happened. If you can find him ask him why. Call, email or send a letter. You deserve to know why. But be careful if what you hear is inaccurate or even hateful. It is bad enough that he left but you don’t need another attack on your self-worth.

Being sad and grieving is normal. Give yourself time to feel the normal emotions that go with losing someone what was an important part of your life. At the same time don’t hide. Do the normal things that you commonly do. The routine of an otherwise normal life helps put things in perspective and helps the healing.

Unfortunately too many men who leave when the going gets tough are not men but immature boys no matter their age or physical maturity. Remember what Judge Judy said about schlubs.

Judge Judy is adamant that women should retain their financial independence and have a career to fall back on in case a relationship fails or their spouse dies.

For the time being and perhaps for some time to come it is all about you and the baby so prepare for the future, without the distraction of someone who will leave as soon as responsibility is called for.

Life After

There is life after your boyfriend leaves, even if you are pregnant. Getting to like yourself even in current circumstances is important. Not liking yourself gets you into relationships with worthless schlubs who suck you dry and leave. Hang out with people that you like, even if that means foregoing a serious relationship for the time being. More often than not when you are ready the right person will show up, find you attractive and be your partner in a happy relationship for life. And he will probably think your child is the most precious thing in the world, next to you.

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