What Should A Latina Expect When Dating A Gringo?

Let us say that you are a woman in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, or Mexico. You have met an American or Canadian and he has asked you out on a date. What can you expect? What should a Latina expect when dating a gringo? Is he rich? What does he expect from you? If things work out will you go to the United States or stay in your country? And if you want a gringo to notice you what do you do? For that matter do you speak English or does he speak Spanish? With these thoughts in mind what should a Latina expect when dating a gringo?


Is he rich? It may come as a surprise to many young Latinas that most Americans and Canadians are not rich. They may be adventurous which is why you find them traveling in your country. They tend to be outgoing and friendly which is why you have met them. They often have access to credit via a credit card so they often seem to be well off. But, some are deeply in debt because of their credit cards as well.


So, does he speak any Spanish? How good is your English? Does it make any difference if all you are going to do is head over to a restaurant for a meal? Well, probably it does make a difference because you will want to talk to him. If neither of you speaks the language of the other you may want to bring along a friend who is fluent in both languages. That way you can avoid a quiet, uncomfortable, and short date.


Although a Norte Americano may think that he is being polite and well mannered he may make mistakes in the Latino culture. This can especially be a problem if he only knows a few words of Spanish and tries too hard. He may say things that sound stupid or offensive. Give him a break. He is a long ways from home and at least he is trying.

On the other hand there are rude people in North America just as there are “groseros” in Latin America. If the gringo that you are dating is loud, offensive, and mean you may simply want to leave before he gets drunk and starts a fight or makes demands that you cannot satisfy.

Sex On The First Date

This brings us to having sex on the first date. Having sex on the first date is not what usually happens in North America. However, people who have known each other for quite some time and really like each other may decide to go out together. In such a case it may be quite natural for the two of them to feel comfortable with intimacy. Otherwise sex on the first date is typically a matter of what both persons want. In the USA and Canada, just as in Latin America, saying no means no. If you are not interested in sex on the first date with your gringo boyfriend say so and leave if he gets out of hand.

What a Latina should expect when dating a gringo may have a lot to do with the ages of each person, whether they have been married before, and how serious each are about pursuing a relationship of just going out to have fun. As with all dating keep in mind that there are lots of fish in the sea and it this one does not work out there are always more.

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