What Makes A Man Faithful?

A lot of women find themselves trying to figure out why their man (or their ex-) was unfaithful when they gave them¬†100% and ended up left with nothing to show for it. Women then ask the all-too-popular question, “What keeps a man faithful”? The bottom line is, if the man wants to stay faithful, then he will remain faithful. There is nothing a woman can do if her man wants to cheat.

I have a good friend who once dated a man to whom she became completely devoted. Despite her own needs, she always prioritized his; he became the center of her universe. She never lost her compassion and treated him as if he were royalty. She gave him her heart and soul, expecting the same in return. When it was over, she walked away with nothing but heartache. He not only cheated on her with one woman, there were several other affairs that preceded that one. She called me up, asking, “Why did this happen?” “Why do men cheat?” “What do I have to do to make sure a man stays faithful?” “What should I be doing differently?” A woman is doing herself a terrible disservice when she perpetuates the misconception that she is at fault when he man is unfaithful.

On an emotional level, she blames herself and reviews everything she might have done differently. She just allowed him to be unfaithful and accepted his faults. No matter what a woman does for her man, or how great she treats him, if he wants to cheat then he is going to cheat no matter what.

Regardless of a woman’s actions, the man is ultimately in charge of his fidelity in a relationship. The man must have some specific traits to remain faithful. First he has to respect himself so that he can learn how to respect a woman, and then he can be concerned with these traits. A true man possesses integrity, and is loyal and courageous. It is not enough to just possess these characteristics, a man must also know how to use them appropriately.

Anyone who possesses true integrity knows how to be honest. For starters, he is completely aware that he cannot be honest with anyone until he learns to be honest with himself. A man will be honest in his relationship in every way; he will express what he wants out of the relationship as well as what he wants to put into relationship. If a man is unsure about his faithfulness, he should be given some space to find his integrity and learn the truth about himself.

If a man is truly loyal, he will not cheat on his woman. A man will be by his woman’s side through everything, and he will be totally committed to staying in the relationship with fidelity and trust. A man will never do anything to hurt his woman in any way. Regardless of how difficult things become, he will not compromise his loyalty. If man does not have any loyalty to his woman, then he should be given space so he can develop loyalty and learn to become faithful.

Most important of all traits is courage. A courageous man lacks nothing. It takes courage to grow out of being a child and to become a real man. A courageous man will utilize these characteristics, and more, to support the health of his relationship. If a man has no courage, then he is not a true man; he is just a boy who thinks he is a man. A women should give a man his space and let him gain the courage he needs to become a man.

Some men don’t have the traits to remain faithful to any woman. I am not saying that they never will develop them. When and if they want them, they will work on it. This is even true for men who already do possess these characteristics, but never use them. If a man has these traits, then he will be faithful in every aspect of his relationship. In the end, each man is responsible for his own faithfulness.

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