What Do You Do When He Goes Away?

You have been dating a man for several months. You believed that you and he were getting along well and that the relationship was getting closer. Then he does not call you. Maybe you find out that he is seeing someone else. Maybe you find out that he is not dating anyone but he is also not dating you. What happened? What do you do when he goes away? This depends on whether you want to get him back. A good idea at this point is to think about the relationship. Where there problems that you did not see? Were there problems that you hoped would just go away? Were there problems that you wanted to work on and he was not interested in turning a simple dating relationship into a series of counseling sessions? What do you do when he goes away? First of all think about what happened and why. You may want to pursue him and you may want to breathe a deep sigh of relief and get on with your life.

What Do You Do When He Goes Away Unexpectedly?

In this instance you were caught by surprise. The easiest way to find out what happened is to track him down and ask. You may not be happy with the answer but it will clarify things and help you move on. If you don’t get a chance to talk to him and really want to understand, spend a little time thinking about how happy you were with the relationship, how happy he was, or wasn’t, and what sorts of things the two of you did together. Sometimes human beings are prone to acts of fantasy. We believe that a relationship is more than it really is. If that was the case the budding relationship may have been more important to you than to him. If that was the case remind yourself that you did not want to have a lifetime relationship in which you cared more about the relationship than the other person. This sort of situation can make life a chore instead of a pleasure.

What Do You Do When He Goes Away And You Knew It Would Happen?

This happens too often when one or the other person in a relationship tries too hard. Some people are just not meant to be together. But, if one gets desperate and tries to maintain a bad relationship the effort is commonly doomed to fail. In this case be happy that he is gone. Start dating again and have a good time. Sometimes trying to hard is a recipe for failure.

What Do You Do When He Goes Away Again?

So, this has happened before? If he left before and then came back and now is leaving again he may be really bereft of communication skills. If he things that you were unfair to him he needs to learn to say so. Someone who cannot speak their mind and repeatedly leaves with the purpose of making you follow is basically immature and a chore to deal with. Decide, this time, if you want to follow or not. If you do want to keep this relationship, deal with the issue so that it does not come up again. If you are tired of this sort of nonsense go find someone else who is an adult.

And, what do you do when he goes away with your money and property. Call it quits and call the cops!

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