What Do Girls Really Think About Male Depilation?

You are enjoying a meal with a cute girl that you never would have believed would go out with you. Things are going well. So, you extend your arm beneath the table to caress her thigh and expose the forest of hair on your forearm.

Seems like a nightmare? OK, it’s your right. But, if you think of her, maybe she will reject you because of your hairy arms? So, is this how it is? We asked a panel of girl experts for their opinions about male depilation and here are their answers.

Chest Hair

“Unless you’re a professional swimmer, and you have to remove all the hair on your body it is a crime shaving everything.” I like men with chest hair. Veronica

“A chest with too much curly hair is not attractive.” Samantha

“I think that a little trimming is good so that he does not look like a cave man but I really don’t like it if a guy doesn’t have any chest hair.” Stacy

Abdominal Hair

“I like to be able to find the navel. Keep the hair from the rest of the torso of the same length as the chest, to make it look uniform”. Stacey

“If there is so much hair on the abdomen that I can’t see what is behind I don’t like it. Take out the scissors and trim a little to show me if they have been working out. I see to see those six pack abs!” Danielle

“A trim figure never fails to attract.” Stella


“No girl likes discovering an afro every time that you lift your arms so cut your axillary hair.” Stella

“You Tarzan, me Jane. All men should have hair in their underarms but it is really not a big problem if they don’t.” Danielle

“Just make sure that you shower and use deodorant.” Stacey

Hairy Arms

“Guys should always have hair on their arms, unless you look like a werewolf. If that’s the case you need to trim a little.” Danielle

“Never shave the arms. I repeat: never. As Liz Lemon (from 30 Rock) says, ‘This is reason enough to take him home, girls’. So long as can be seen that there are arms under the fur, it is not problem”. Veronica

Bear Back

“Ugh!” Do whatever you can to make it go away! Danielle

“Hairy backs are never attractive.” Samantha

“Hair on the back is never sexy. Use wax and get rid of the hair.” Stella

“I think that a hairy back is worse than a back with Acne”. Natalia

Where the sun never shines

“If you expect me to always be ‘tidy’ you had better believe that I will expect that you do the same. Trim yourself but don’t leave yourself too rough or you will irritate your partner if she chooses total depilation.” Veronica

“If you trim away a couple of inches of hair what remains appears to have grown a couple of inches. Get it? Stacey

Hairy Legs

“So you have hair on your legs?” I love it. Don’t do anything.” Stacey

“If you are really hairy everywhere else the legs are not a problem. Natalia

“Give me smooth legs every time.” Danielle

“It’s better that you have hairy legs or I will wake up thinking that I have just slept with my best girlfriend!” Veronica


“You need to be comfortable with your own body whether you are hairy or hairless. Some girls like hairy guys and some like smooth skin. But trust me; we don’t go to be with a guy just because we admire his perfectly shaved armpits or because we can see our reflection on his shiny chest. In fact, if the girl you are going with seems a bit too obsessed with where you do or don’t have body hair it may just be time to find someone else.” Veronica

“Try to find a balance between sensitive and virile. I like a well cut body hair in the right places but I am also pleasantly surprised by soft skin to caress.” Stella

“In my opinion, hair on a man represents his masculine side, but when there is too much, it makes men look like Neanderthals”. Samantha

“If your face is close shaven, then you’ve won”. Natalia

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