What Can You Do If Your New Boyfriend Is a Psychopath?

You met this new guy and though that he might be the one. He seemed to really care about you and your family at first but as time goes on he has become more and more irritable, aggressive and manipulative. It turns out that your boyfriend has a mental health disorder. What can you do if your new boyfriend is a psychopath? Newsweek writes about a secret psychopath test to keep dating apps safe.

He lives next door, is an excellent liar, and is only pretending to care how your parents are doing. No, not your ex, but rather a real-life psychopath. Most don’t realize that psychopaths are rarely tucked away in high security prisons, but often live right down the street. Thankfully, Dr. Pascal Wallisch has our back, and the psychologist is hoping to protect us, the 99 percent of the population that can physically feel empathy and regret, from those who can’t.

The word psychopath is used too much to describe people we don´t like or whose ideas and politics we disagree with. The term actually describes people who do not experience empathy or regret. These folks can be recognized by their disregard for others, constant violation of another’s rights, irritability, aggression, and extremely manipulative tendencies.

In the Newsweek article they describe the work of a researcher who is looking for ways to test for this psychological illness also referred to as an antisocial personality disorder. One of the tests he is using is having people listen to a list of fifty songs and noting their opinions. This seems like a roundabout way to check for the problem but unfortunately psychopaths are accomplished liars and are not likely to admit to past behaviors or current thinking. Rather they say what they think we want hear and manipulate or threaten when they can get by with it. But what can you do if you think your new boyfriend is a psychopath?

Abusive Relationships

If you are going out with a psychopath you are already in an abusive relationship.

Knowing how to avoid an abusive relationship can mean the difference between happiness and unhappiness, safety and serious bodily injury. The stabbing death of a young woman in Los Angeles, California, school cafeteria has been in the news lately. There were many cues preceding the murder of this young woman. Knowing how to avoid an abusive relationship not only helps us avoid psychological trauma but physical assault and even death. Knowing how to avoid an abusive relationship usually starts with the person’s own self esteem. When we like ourselves and feel good about ourselves we tend to avoid situations and relationships that are psychologically and physically abusive.

The first clue is that your relationship feels wrong and the second clue is repeatedly catching your new boyfriend telling lies. When you confront him he gets angry, denies everything or threatens you. What you need to do when your boyfriend is a psychopath is to terminate the relationship immediately and if you feel physically threatened go live with friends and tell everyone you know about this guy. An initial way this shows up might be when your boyfriend is a love bomber.

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