What Are Guys Looking For In A Girl?

Underneath all the rhetoric about men’s inability to understand women, lies the equal truth that women also don’t understand men. The trouble comes when women think they know what men want and try to get a man based on that, only to find out that it does not work at all.

You may think that men are looking for the most beautiful girls, but this is usually wrong! When you find out what a guy is really looking for in a girl, it’s suddenly not nearly as complicated or difficult as you thought!

What Men Want

Most Women tend to think that men want girls who are attractive above all else, but this isn’t always the case. Looks are essential, but a man wants a girl who will fit in well with both his friends and family. Your looks are just icing on the cake! Although he might be attracted to you because of your appearance in the beginning, he won’t stay if your personality is dull.

Looking good will get his attention, but once he shows interest in you, change your tactic to letting him know what you’re all about. Most times, this will work out even better because it makes the guy feel like he has hit the jackpot with a girl who has a great personality along with her good looks.

Men like women who care about their presentation. This, however, does not refer to women who constantly complain about being fat or who obsess over the way they look.

Men like women who take care of themselves and take time to look their best. He might find you sexy in your PJs, but he also wants to know that you care enough to take care of yourself and present yourself well, too.

If a guy is looking for a serious relationship, he’ll be looking for a girl who enjoys having fun, but one who can be serious, too. Although you might think you have to keep a party girl persona to attract a guy, you don’t have to. Of course a guy enjoys a girl who can go out and party, but he also wants a girl he can stay at home with and enjoy a night in with him.

If a girl is not selfish and listens to him, most men like that. Sometimes women don’t know when to stop talking about them. This is not always a bad thing as long as you are sure to take time out and listen to him, ask questions, and talk about him and his experiences, too. You’ll be surprised at how such a little thing can sway his affections in your direction.

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