Virtual Online Dating

If you’re trying to get your head around how virtual online dating works, picture a 3d experience or a real life event happening before your eyes. Virtual online dating can be set in any environment and can create any atmosphere.

There are a few dating sites currently trialing this concept and reports emerging are finding that women are generating higher registrations than men. Traditionally, men have been the initiators with online dating sites, but the fact is that women have been the initiators with virtual online dating. This can be attributed to women having full control over the selection process, they feel safe, and it ultimately leads to more successful real life dates.

Virtual internet dating has recently been proclaimed by American scientific researches as the next big online singles craze and is set to bring virtual dates into your local cafe or lounge room giving singles the power to end the date or to continue on. This virtual experience helps singles to get acquainted in a fun and safe online surrounding before the real deal. Singles get to know each other by listening to music, playing games encouraging conversation, and interaction through life like 3d avatars. Sounds amazing doesn’t it!

One of the main reasons virtual online dating was developed is to encourage more women to become involved. Women were tired and frustrated with the experience offered by current online dating services. Females are tired of being bombarded with multiple emails from guys. When a women opens her inbox to find 100s of (mostly rubbishy) emails, most busy women don’t have the time to sift through them all and to then make a short list of the decent emails, especially if this is happening on a daily basis.

Virtual online dating is definitely a women friendly product ticking all the boxes that traditional dating sites don’t offer. Recent trails with this new dating software showed that it facilitates more disclosure and presents the chance for a greater opportunity for mutual attraction to flourish. Females were more than 40% more likely to ask someone on a virtual date as opposed to through chat rooms, instant messenger or by email, and were 3 times more likely to respond and accept and invitation to go on a virtual date rather than jumping straight into the unknown of a real life date.

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