Using Pickup Lines To Get a Date With A Girl

Despite the use of the internet to meet people, many dating opportunities arise in everyday life. The question for the young (or not so young) man is how to gain the attention of a girl. The greater question is how to make a favorable impression.

Furthermore the point of the whole exercise is to make certain that the girl of your dreams understands that you would like a romantic relationship and not just be friends. Using pickup lines to get a date with a girl is a time honored method. Success in using pickup lines to get a date with a girl depends upon the pickup lines used and using these pickup lines in the correct setting. Always remember that when using pickup lines to get a date with a girl, you are seeking her favor and not looking for the approval of your male friends. In general, the truth works the best. If she is pretty complement her beauty. If she is intelligent and hard-working make a sincere compliment to that effect. If the girl of your dreams has pretty eyes there are many compliments that you can use. Then the question is whether to come directly to the point when using pickup lines to get a date with a girl or use an indirect approach. If you use the latter when using pickup lines to get a date with a girl make sure that you are clear enough that she gets the point.

Favorable Comparisons

I am so happy. I did not know that the doors of heaven had opened and the angels had come down to earth.Comparing the girl of your dreams to an angel is a nice comparison and implies great beauty without saying the word.

You have the face of an angel.This is also a clear reference to beauty. But, My heart skips a beat whenever I look at your beautiful face,makes the point that her beauty moves you.Be careful of including questionable comparisons in an otherwise favorable compliment. You might compare her to a famous actress such as When I first saw you I thought that so and so was in town. The actress that you mention may be very beautiful which makes it a great compliment. However, the actress in question may be famous for her torrid nude movie scenes, numerous Hollywood boyfriends, and use of recreational drugs. Be careful when you use this sort of compliment. Some girls may be very pleased and others may slap you across the face.

Get Her Attention and Then

When using pickup lines to get a date with a girl make certain that you know what to say next. Let us say that you use the first angel line mentioned above. You have the young lady’s full attention. Another compliment or two might be nice but it would be even better to introduce yourself and ask a question that gets her to give you information. For example, are you new here? Will you be here long? Then, before the conversation drifts too much, ask if she would like to get together, have a cup of coffee together, or go out to dinner, take a long walk together, or, go out on a real date. Make sure when using pickup lines to get a date with a girl that you have a plan ready for when you get her attention. The line, I thought that Mono Lisa had come back to life, needs to be followed reasonably soon by, would Mono Lisa do me the favor of going out on a date together?

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