Uniform Dating 7 Tips To Good Netiquette

You should know how to work your way into the heart of your possible online military partner. For now, it is time to polish up your netiquette and find that perfect date at uniform dating.

Here are some practical email dating tips that will help you reel in that perfect military date:

1. Be technical. Write your e-mails as if you’re writing a formal letter. Mind your grammar in writing e-mails, the way you mind them when writing anything technical, be it essays, articles, or letters. Hit the spell-checker before hitting the send button, so that you may get to check whether you’ve accidentally misspelled a word. Watch out for your punctuation and do not use too many punctuation points!!!!!! Why? Because it is equivalent to yelling on the internet.

2. Write in short paragraphs. Shorter paragraphs are easier to read than longer ones. Besides, your thoughts are more organized in shorter paragraphs. Make your sentences shorter and try to avoid too many run-on sentences. Besides, this is an e-mail, not a 1000-word essay or biography.

3. Do not write in CAPITAL LETTERS. Capital letters usually means strong negative emotions in netspeak, so it would really be a hindrance when you want to date a guy/ girl in uniform because as I said military singles won’t respond to you if they feel that they are being shouted at. Be very careful of the Caps Lock key, okay?

4. Do not send attachments. Do not send any files or pictures when the other person has not asked for it.

5. Mind the tone. Keep the tone light, friendly and polite. Do not be overly dramatic, romantic, or sexy. E-mailing each other is equivalent to the getting-to-know each other stage of your uniform date, so try not to come on too heavy, okay?

6. Do not curse or swear. Never use any kind of expletive. You will not find a military date that way, trust me. While a group of gangstas may be impressed by your swear words vocabulary, if you happen to have one, then I’m really, really sure that no one will be impressed with it in the uniform dating world.

7. Do not use animations or fancy fonts. Blinking characters or cute animal cartoons will only distract them from what is really important: you. Just keep things simple.

8. Ask interesting questions in your email to find out more about your date.

Get the ball rolling with those e-mails of yours, that are all netiquette-minded of course, and you’re on your way to finding your perfect date at Uniform Dating. Sign up for a free profile today and join us to start your military dating experience at =>

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You should absolutely never date relatives!

– sorry, trying to be funny ;~)

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