Top 10 Dating Ideas In New York City

Imagine taking your girlfriend to New York City for a date. The metropolis is alive with opportunities to make a special impression, whether you have been together for days or months. Check out the 10 best dating ideas in New York City, from free but thoughtful to lavish.

Romance need not cost much. Maybe just a picnic lunch in Central Park would be a good choice for a couple with simple pleasures. Round off your date by hiring a bike and touring the trails. Central Park also hosts free concerts during the summer. Central Park also offers a neutral setting for a blind date.

Your boyfriend may have very different tastes in music from yours, but New York City will answer to them all. Surprise your opera-loving guy with a show at Carnegie Hall. This venue puts on numerous classical performances as well.

If jazz is more his scene, try the Jazz Gallery. Nightly shows will have him humming riffs the rest of the night and into the next day. You can treat your boyfriend and support this not-for-profit club at the same time.

For music lovers, another option is to see a Broadway musical. The line-up changes regularly, from old standards to newer productions. Comedy and drama feature on Broadway too, of course. Just being there will form part of the fun so that if this is a first date you can start on a high note that will set the tone for future days out together.

Before hitting the club or Broadway scene, stop in at Thalia for a romantic dinner. They serve items such as Ahi Tuna Tartare and Chilled Gazpacho among many other options, so treat your girlfriend to something special. The restaurant also offers a prix fixe Valentine menu.

Rockefeller Centre gives couples the choice of many exciting date ideas. Head to the Top of the Rock for breathtaking views of the city. Choose one of numerous eateries in the building for a snack or meal. Hold hands near the reflection pool of the Loft and Garden and enjoy some tranquility from the top of New York City. The building is such a large and busy venue, if you go alone there is every chance you could meet someone special.

Chocolate rarely fails to please a woman. Treat her to a tour of La Maison du Chocolat, also in the Rockefeller Building. Your tour will include tastes of ganaches, pastries and other treats.

A boat tour might excite a guy more than chocolate, so get away from the traffic by booking a tour while in New York City. Get onto a ferry to see Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Choose a yacht-based tour for more comfortable traveling.

A boat will give you one view of New York. For a higher position, book a helicopter tour. These run from fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the sort of tour you choose. Look down on the Empire State building and other landmarks. If your date gets giddy at the thought of heights, here is your chance to comfort her with a cuddle.

For history buffs, ramble together around the Metropolitan Museum of Art, St. Patricks Cathedral and other historic spots or museums near Tiffanys. This will give you the chance to casually sidle over for some window shopping. Drop some oblique questions about jewelry preferences while planning how to pop the question, maybe at one of the romantic places listed above.

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Yeah there are a few, like mingles that are free, with no paid membership. It’s only one type of membership for everybody which is a free membership. So you get all the features, like message, chat, etc… for free. You can read a full review of the site and its features before you join here

Hope it’s what you’re looking for. Good luck, have fun and be safe.

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