Top 10 Dating Ideas in London

Have you ever experienced disastrous first dates when you can’t think of anything to say, and neither can she? Are you, by nature, a shy person who has trouble with beginning and sustaining conversations? Are all your interactions with the opposite sex filled with awkward silences? Or do you simply get bored with people, even the opposite sex? Well, here’s an article which will list out, for you, the 10 best places in the glorious city of London where you can take your date and avoid all those above mentioned problems.

However, before we jump the gun and assume you actually have a date, a great place to start your love hunt is on one of London’s popular dating sites. And a tip for the guys here, the girls out number the guys online, need we say more? Arrange to take your date to one of these romantic hotspots.

Nothing like a theater performance to help. Take her to a West End show and watch her as she watches the actors. With careful prior research, you’ll find out that most of these shows offer a relatively cheap package of a pre theater dinner and then the show itself. This will be a runaway success if she is even remotely inclined to theater.

Does she show signs of being interested in history? Or does she just love London? Then take her to the British museum, which hosts relics from ancient, prehistoric periods. Not only can you make the date intelligent and classy, and convince her of your erudition, but the best part is that it’s absolutely free for viewing.

Even better, go to one of the world’s most talked about places Madame Tussaunds, and be seen with the perfect replicas of the most high profile, famous people from all over the world. If this doesn’t impress your date, nothing will.

Do you think your date likes long, romantic walks? Give St. James Park a shot. It has everything you can ask for in a romantic hideaway, beautiful gardens, swans, and a lovely view of the Buckingham Palace. The perfect combination for a budding relationship.

Does she look like an art buff? Take her to the National Art Gallery. Not only will she love it, awkward silences can be easily avoided with the help of all the conversation pieces in it. And it’s all the better if you show her that you appreciate art too.

Up for something more adventurous? Take her to Tower 42. At 183 meters, it stands as the tallest building within the city of London. Why 42? Because on that floor is present a beautiful bar offering champagne and sea food. With the stunning view, the comfort and the food and drinks, nothing can go wrong.

For something quite off the beaten track, try Hamley’s Toy Store. It contains one of the largest collection of toys in the world. Of course, you better make sure that she likes toys, and that she likes kids, because you’ll find plenty of both there.

You’re not sure of your date’s tastes? Well, take her to Tate Modern. Not only is the view gorgeous, but on the seventh floor, you’ll find a cafe where you can get coffee and have a lovely chat.

Is she the clubbing type? Then the perfect place for a date is Detroit Bar, at Covent Garden. Cocktails, a dark, lush atmosphere, and quite a few handy nooks and crannies for intimacy. What else is necessary?

And finally, if nothing else works out, go with the nicest of them all (Hyde Park) It has art, architecture, nature, adventure and lots of history. Take your pick, and you can be certain that she’ll appreciate at least one of those.

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What is the difference between dating exclusively and being in a relationship?

I asked the guy that I have been seeing for a month if we were in a relationship and he said that he didn’t want to be in a relationship for a while and that he wanted to get to know me better first. At the same time he told me that he was exclusively dating me and no one else? What is the difference between exclusively dating and being in a relationship? Does this mean we are boyfriend/girlfriend?

It means – don’t worry about it. Being “in a relationship” is pointless if you rush into it. Remember the saying “fools rush in”?

A month of “just dating” is nothing in the long run. It sounds like you’re pretty young, I’m guessing. I can’t tell my sisters this enough – pressure a boy into becoming your “boyfriend” and he’ll lose interest. When he’s ready, he’ll tell you – and it’s usually in a very romantic way because he’s smitten. And if he’s not, you’ll see the signs loud and clear and be much better off not in a relationship.

Best advice, just enjoy and make the most out of every moment with him.

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