Too Much Sharing on a Date

You are out on a date with the man or woman of your dreams. You are perhaps a little anxious to make a good first impression.

He or she says, “tell me a little about yourself.” You start to talk and after a while his or her eyes glaze over and you know that you have lost their attention. This is probably a case of too much sharing on a date. We all like to talk about ourselves but too much sharing on a date leaves no room for the other person to talk about themselves. We often go out with someone because we are interested in them sexually. We want to maintain a mood that will lead to a hot first date and maybe sex on the first date. Talking about past relationships, why you are angry at someone at work, or how great it is to watch your favorite sports team all fall into the category of too much sharing on a date, especially if what you want is intimacy at the end of the evening. Too much sharing on a date is all too common when we have just broken up with someone or gotten divorced. Remember that nothing ruins the evening more than bringing that third person into your one on one situation on a first date. You may want to talk about these things as a relationship evolves but not when you first meet someone.

Let the Other Person Ask and Then Keep it Short and Interesting

Everyone has had interesting experiences in their life. Think of something interesting, fun, and exciting that you have done. When he or she asks about you, weave your interesting experiences into the conversation. And, let the other person share in the conversation. When you talk about travel to an exotic location keep the story short so that he or she can join in even if only to say that they would love to do that sort of thing someday. Even an interesting story can turn into too much sharing on a date and turn a sexy and romantic evening into a dull and boring class in everything about you.

And Be Ready with More Interesting Information

And, if your partner for the evening does not have something to say you can ask him or her to tell you about themselves. If the silence becomes too profound be ready with another anecdote or two, or three. And then you can always go dancing, take a long walk, visit a museum, or hold hands and steal a kiss. After all, a bit of romance is something that you will want to share with that special someone. In the meantime keep most of the details of your life to yourself until the two of you build a relationship, trust, and a level of comfort that allows you to share the specific details of a past relationship or other specifics of your former life. If there is something shocking in your past life you will probably want to take it very slow and not progress to far in the romantic part of your relationship before too much sharing on a date.

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