Tips for Dating for the First Time

You may have a crush on a boy or girl in one of your classes in school. Or there may someone in your neighborhood who has gotten your attention. How do you get their attention and their interest? How do you turn that first bit of attraction into a real date? Here are a few of our tips for dating for the first time.

Cheap First Date

When you are in school and living under your parents’ roof you and your friend do not have a lot of money. So, a cheap first date is what to expect. How can that work out?

A cheap first date does not need to be a bad first date. It just needs not to cost a lot of money. You met your friend online and have been chatting in cyberspace. Now it is time to meet face to face but you are a little short of cash. You need to think up a cheap first date that will not make her, or him, think that you are not interested.

There is an advantage to going out to a coffee shop for coffee or a soft drink. It will not cost a lot of money and there is not a lot of pressure because it is barely a real date. And, if things are going badly it is easy to just head out the door. The same applies to trips to the museum or zoo or just a walk in the park. The point of the first date is to meet someone and find out if you really like them. On the other hand, what if you are looking for a kiss?

First Date Kiss

If you are interested in kissing on the first date, how can you make that happen?

Kissing on the first date might be a peck on the cheek or a brief touching of lips at the end of the date, a goodbye. Kissing the first date might also be a bit more passionate and associated with a warm embrace. Those kisses might be repeated and lead to more. More might be welcome and more might be more than you bargained for.

A first date kiss is similar to that cheap first date in public from which you can leave if you want to. A brief but not passionate kiss sends the message that you liked the date and would like to go out again. But, be careful of a passionate kiss in a setting from which you cannot extract yourself if you want to.

Lots of Kisses

The point of dating is to get to know the person and perhaps try a little romance. But, you should get to know more than one person to get the idea of what dating is all about. We wrote about kissing twenty boys and suggested that both boys and girls do not limit themselves to one person before deciding whom to spend their life with.

If you want the man of your dreams and a relationship that lasts, kiss twenty boys before you do anything more serious on a date or in a relationship. This is not about playing around or cheating on your current boyfriend. It is about giving yourself a chance to understand yourself, boys, and relationships instead of committing to a relationship that might just fail or leave you with a lifetime of regrets.

Dating should be fun. The first boy or girl who asks you out is not necessarily the best one for you. You are hoping for a kiss but remember that one of the “kissers” will eventually be your mate for life and help raise your children. Give yourself a chance to meet and kiss more than one person before making a decision that will be permanent.

Dating Should Be Fun

You can go out on a date just to socialize. It should be fun to be with that person. If that is not the case, go back to the online dating site, adjust your resume, and try again.

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