Three Famous Kisses

A common milestone in the dating ritual is a kiss, a romantic kiss. Two people pressing their lips together can have different meanings in different cultures. Our interest in a site interested in dating is the romantic and passionate kiss that expresses love and passion. There are three famous kisses that express the sentiments of love, passion, and romance. Two are recorded in photos from the mid 20th century and one is a famous sculpture. Although you may never have your kisses recorded on film or in stone for posterity, go ahead and kiss. It is fun. It is passionate. And, it often leads to even better things!

Young Love in Paris

Parisian photographer, Robert Doisneau, shot a photo of a young couple kissing on the busy streets of Paris in 1950. The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville embodies the romance of people of all ages even though the photo is of a young couple kissing. It is the first of our three famous kisses. The photo became very popular and was made into posters that graced many a wall, especially in college dorm rooms. The Kiss photo reminds us of the fact that love empowers us to ignore distractions and focus on the moment and the relationship, whether it is a hot first date or a couple in a long standing relationship. Love cements relationships and reminds us that when we are together we are, to each other, the two most important people in the world.

A Kiss For All Eternity

The sculptor, August Rodin, created one of the most romantic and erotic versions of The Kiss in a set of statues that he sculpted of the same name. Our second of three famous kisses, is this sculpture. The Kiss is a sculpture of a naked man and a naked woman kissing. It is a depiction of lovers whose passion arose from reading about a love affair in fiction. Most who view this erotic depiction of a kiss care little about the back story of the statue. What interests us and raises our interest is the image of love, sex, and romance captured for all eternity by Mr. Rodin.

Passion and Victory

As time passes and generations fade away the story of death destruction and sacrifice of the Second World War has become the stuff of history and legend. However, every so often we see an image of real live people from that era. These are people we can relate to and who lives become real for a moment. Such is our third and most famous of three famous kisses. The war in all of its parts had lasted a decade. The United States was directly involved for four years, fighting a war in Europe and a war in the Pacific.  When peace was declared in the war with Japan there was great celebration and the famous photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt captured a kiss in Times Square in New York. It made the cover of Life Magazine with the caption, In the middle of New York’s Times Square a white-clad girl clutches her purse and skirt as an uninhibited sailor plants his lips squarely on hers. In a more sexually inhibited era this was a racy photo. As such the magazine needed to explain the joy of the moment experienced by the sailor and portray the reaction of the nurse as surprise.

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