Things People Lie about on Their Dating Profile

A basic part of online dating is the dating profile or resume. Writing a great dating profile is part of making a great first impression. But, there are things people lie about on their dating profile. First of all, you need to write a good profile to make that good impression.

If you want to see the man or woman of your dreams again, try to make a great first impression. We may believe that when we meet that special person, he or she will instantly see us for the wonderful person that we are.

Then you need to look critically at the profiles you read. With getting to the truth in mind, what are the things people lie about on their dating profile? Here is the short list.

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Job
  • Availability
  • Life experiences


People post photos with their dating profile. If the photo is recent, it should give you a clue about their age. The photo may show a younger version of them and be consistent with their stated age. You may be fooled into meeting them for a face to face date. Then the truth will be known. If the person with whom you have been chatting does not want to meet right away or send current photos, this could be the problem.

Height and Weight

We all would like to be tall, thin, and athletic. So, there is a tendency to fudge a bit when stating height and weight. The same things apply here as with age. When you meet them, you will know.


If this is an important issue for you right off the bat, just ask. What kind of work do you do and do you have a job title. What company and how big is it. When you go out on a first date, asking about his or her job is usually conversation killer. A better question if you want to get to know someone is, what do you do for fun or in your spare time? Get someone talking about their hobbies and you will learn more about them. Of course, if you really want an hour long discussion of the job of an insurance actuary, go ahead and ask. If you have a second date and a third, it will become clear if he or she is being truthful about the job.

Availability and Intentions

If you just want to go out to socialize and have fun, you are not so concerned about whether this person is ready to start a relationship. But, when you decide you really like them, you want to know their intentions. If you are really serious about finding someone for the long term, you want them to be truthful about what they really want and if they are truly available.

Life Experiences

So, he or she says they love to mountain climb, surf, and visit Paris. Or, they love driving up from San Francisco to Napa Valley to tour the wineries and sample the wines. When you start talking to this person you may be very impressed. And, there is no way to know what they did before you met them. But, as you get to know them, it will become clear just how much life experience they have and now much they are just pretending. In the end, you want someone who does not brag about their life experiences and is genuine. Those who brag are usually insecure and that issue can be a burden in a relationship.

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