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A couple of years ago I made an arrangement to catch up with a lady I had been chatting to online. I turned up ahead of the arranged time as I preferred to see my date before she saw me. A short time later, my online date turned up joining me at my table and introduced herself as Karen.

To my surprise, Karen’s photo’s that were posted on the online dating site did not match her real life appearance. There was no mistake on my part, I wasn’t confused with someone else I had chatted to online, she was totally different. Karen was an advertising executive and posting appealing photos was her tactic in making an impression and focusing the attention on her. I pretended not to notice, and carried on with the date enjoying our conversation. Several days later Karen had again posted photos on her online dating profile of a different women.

Millions of American singles are looking for dates and relationships on the internet daily. How truthful are peoples profiles that can be found online? What is the success rate for singles finding true love online compared with offline dating? Questions and answers on this hot topic have seen research centre’s set up studies and crunch the numbers to reveal trends and lifestyles among singles who are dating regularly. Preliminary findings have revealed that online dating sites are proving to be a very realistic matchmaking method offering many benefits including convenience and financial savings as compared to conventional dating methods.

The trend that has brought some negativity to online dating is people who are not being entirely truthful about themselves when they post their online dating profile. Common exaggerations included age, appearance, marital status or their net worth. How rife is deceptive behaviour in the online dating scene?

Many of us could be forgiven for a small white lie now and then, and is possibly essential in some cases for pleasing a romantic partner (“Yes, your bottom looks great in your new jeans”) however the internet unlocks the door for numerous new avenues of deception. Recent data from one of America’s largest online dating sites indicates that 28% of online singles are not upfront with their dating profiles. However, our relationships analyst, Helen Stevens believes this number to be closer to 80%.

Helen claims that data collected which relies on self truth is unreliable and the reasons online daters don’t tell the truth about their age, weight or other characteristics comes down to personal insecurities and a desire for social acceptance not often experienced offline and the internet is the ideal environment to get away with misleading behaviour.

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if a girl goes to a guys house and they have been dating a long time. what happens step by step with detail of what happens and how long. everything from the moment they start kissing to sex?

The guy kisses the girl and then starts to touch her…he tries to get in her pants.

The girl pulls out a taser and tases him in the nuts, making him sterile. The girl pulls out a Bible and shows him were it says no sex before marriage.

The boy leaves, to go to the hospital.

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