The One True Sign That He Is the One for You

In today’s dating world men and women spend a lot of time on phone calls, texting, sexting and exchanging emails. It is all too easy to get to think that a guy is the right one after he gives you compliment, a smile or a kiss. But, when he does not call, text or send you an email what do you do? The one true sign that he is the man for you is that he stays interested and in contact. There are lots and lots of reasons why he does not contact you, all of which have to do with him not being interested, seeing someone else or simply being interested in flirting and not developing a relationship with a real live girl.

You Had Sex with Him and Now What?

Dating after having sex can be fantastic if the two of you are both interested in moving on to a more fulfilling relationship. Dating after having sex is painful if he does not call again.

For many young men and women the reason for dating is sexual conquest. The person longs for a hot first date that ends with naked bodies in bed having sex. This is nice work if you can get it, but what about dating after having sex? We hope that you and your new friend have a great time, lots of sex if that is what you want and in the end a happy relationship. But, a sad fact of life is that all too often one of the two of you ends up getting hurt when the other goes on to another sexual seduction. The fact of the matter is that having had sex changes things. Dating after having sex is no longer about seduction. Dating after having sex is about having a happy life and building it together.

And, if he does not call there is not going to be any long term happy relationship.

Silence Is Not Golden

When he does not text, call or email look for someone else. Value yourself first of all and then he will value you. The one true sign that he is the one for you is when you ask him if he is interested in another date the answer is a variation on “hell yes.” A little enthusiasm is good and a lot of enthusiasm is better. Relationships are meant to last for a lifetime. There are always bumps in the road. If he thinks the world of you day and night he will be more tolerant of the minor irritations of a relationship. Silence in dating is not golden. It is really a bad sign and message that it is time to move on, NOW!

But Make Sure He Knows That You Are Interested

A young lady, even this day and age, does not want to be excessively forward for fear of being seen as too sexually orientated. But, men, just like women, enjoy sex and want a relationship with a little romance. A bit of flirting just to make sure he knows is a good idea. And if you have to make the point more strongly simply ask if he is interest in moving along to a more serious relationship. The one true sign that he is the man for you is when he gives an emphatic YES.

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