The Difference Between Dating & Relationships

The difference between dating and relationships can easily be misunderstood by one or both people who have been ‘hanging out’ for a period of time. It’s a good idea to become familiar with the different stages which can lead to a relationship.

Although the initial stages of dating have the potential to develop into a relationship, in reality, the two scenarios are very different. Dating can be interpreted in various forms including a one night stand, regular casual dating or a fling to convenience one or either person, or mutual regular dating which can take a genuine turn for something more substantial. Any form of dating is great and doing things for your new friend that they enjoy is just plain fun and exciting, but what about when he or she starts wanting more?

There’s not a lot that is more exciting and entertaining than meeting someone new. When you enter the world of online dating or offline dating you are paving the way to change the direction of life as you know it. If your existing social network has limited options for meeting new people, try free dating sites and singles chat rooms – everyone’s doing it!

Having something to look forward to gives us hope and inspiration, and nothing achieves this better than by dating someone who makes your heart beat a little faster then usual. This is very much a time for preparation and the first few days, weeks and months will see you make certain long term and short term decisions about the person you’re dating. Knowing why you are dating someone is a good head space to be in. Is it for an ego kick, loneliness, dating on the rebound, or perhaps you are simply sowing your wild oats and not ready to settle down.

The initial feelings of romance, intimacy, love, lust, hours on the phone and sleepless nights are overwhelming. At this point it’s easy for a couple to fall into a relationship before they are ready to do so. This is very typical of young love which is okay, it’s just one of the many life journeys young adults will encounter.

If the tell tale signs are there that your romance is developing into something more serious, now is a great time to get some perspective from a friend or family member – someone who is not emotionally involved and can give you practical advice.

Before you make the big decision of commitment and giving your heart away, make certain that you are confident this person will be there for support through good times and bad. You need to establish clarity and trust and be confident that any past history regarding ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends remains in the past.

Think of the difference between dating and relationships like complex patterns of tapestry. First there is a picture in mind you are threading. This leads to complicated, enigmatical, deep, cryptical and incomprehensible visions of euphoria but at the end of it all, it’s all about having fun and finding love so just take it a step at a time!

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