The Best Mobile Phone Apps For Busy Women

Por Catherine Ryan para Life & Beauty Weekly

Still using your smart phone to send text messages to your friend or update your Facebook page? Make your phone work for you by downloading apps that will help you organize everything you are doing. We have picked five very useful and practical mobile phone applications tested and approved by busy women like you.

Gilt On The Go (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)

Why fight the crowds at the Mall? Gilt sends you alerts for deals on top brands. You can select a new necklace or blouse using your mobile device, pay online, and have the item sent to your home.

“After a long day sitting in front of the computer, I have no desire to stay in the office to do my shopping online, so I like to use the application in the quiet of my home or when I’m standing in line in the supermarket”, said Beth O’Keefe, a writer from Chicago. “Once, my favorite shoe store had a sale when I was on vacation without access to a computer. I still was able to buy the shoes I wanted with Gilt non the Go.”

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (iPhone, Android)

Use this app to find great recipes for everything from enchiladas to chicken noodle soup. This culinary resource has 30,000 recipes with lists of ingredients to help with shopping and clear step by step directions.

“Sometimes I’m looking for a recipe by main ingredient, depending on what I have in the fridge. Also I like to look for something new and fun for parties or an elegant cocktail,” says Monica Gilmore, a communications advisor Hoodsport, Wash. “And it lets me the shopping list to my husband if he is going to the supermarket.”

AroundMe (iPhone)

When you are in a part of the city that you are not familiar with, use this great app to find a bank, post office, restaurant, or supermarket. AroundMe then gives you a map with signs to highlight where you are going. ” AroundMe is one of the most useful applications I have,” says Natalie Gingerich Mackenzie, an author in Syracuse, N.Y. “It is like a Yearbook, an atlas and a GPS, all in one”

Tripitas (iPhone, Android)

The days of printing out every detail of reservations for every flight, cruise, hotel or restaurant are long gone. This app pulls together every aspect of your itinerary to let you see everything with a touch or two. Some airlines even let you use your smart phone with this app displayed as your boarding pass.

“I love not having to carry all of that paper when I travel. It is a greener solution and I don’t have to worry about stuffing everything into my bag,” says Linda Gregory, a teacher from Battle Creek, Michigan.

Dropbox (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)

This file-sharing application lets you connect from your smart phone to your computer. You can save videos and photos to Dropbox and then download them later to your computer.

“I used to send my photos or important documents to my email to save them, but that is a thing of the past,” said Crispin Young a graphic designer from Hood River, Ore. “Dropbox is like a hard drive, which means that I can have access to the files that I was using at home, wherever I am.”

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