Text Your Way To Romance

Is it possible to text your way to romance? The ease of text messaging makes it a convenient and cost effective means of instant communication. But, can you text your way to romance with the “two thumb” method of typing? Here are a few does and don’ts to consider when texting that special someone with whom you want to become romantic.

1. Start With The Truth

Text messaging is like the first stages of exchanging messages in online dating. Be truthful and seek to learn about the other person. Tell about yourself. Be careful not to be too aggressive or suggestive or you may scare that special someone away.

2. Proceed Gradually

Once you have established a relationship and are exchanging text messages several times a day you can start to get a little more personal. As a foundation for how to text your way to romance start with small personal details of your life and let your new friend volunteer details when he or she is ready. Too much too soon might make you sound just a little desperate.

3. Flattery Works

Once you have established a relationship, whether it is only in text messaging or in exchanging email or chatting by computer you can try a little flattery. We all like to have our looks complemented. If you have already done something together such as having coffee or taken a walk, don’t forget to say what nice time that you had. Complement his or her clothing, car, or choice of location to meet, are a good forms of flattery.

4. How About Getting Together Again?

If you really did have a nice time together be sure to suggest another date and don’t be afraid to call it a date. You are aiming for a romance after all. Use your text conversations to explore places where you might like to go. You will get a good idea of how romantically inclined your new friend is by their suggestions for the next date.

5. I Cannot Stop Thinking of You!

A good way to text your way to romance is to express your continued and increasing interest in your friend as more than just a friend. You do not need to relate explicit sexual fantasies but you can say how nice it felt to hug one another or how sweet a good night kiss was.

6. Say What You Want To Do Next

Again we don’t want to be too aggressive. But you can text your way to romance by saying that you imagine walking with your new friend hand in hand on a moonlit night. Or you might suggest preparing a meal together. This gets you and your friend into one of your homes, preferably alone, and in close quarters. If you are being successful as you text your way to romance you will get a positive response to your suggestion. It might be something like, how about my place instead. My roommate is gone for the weekend!

7. What You Want In Your Relationship

The point of trying to text your way to romance is the romance and not the texting. So, talk about what you want in life and how it would be nice if he or she were part of your life. And, as your romance progresses, never forget to say, “I love you.”

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