Ten Things Your Boyfriend Needs To Hear You Say

Relationships are difficult and dating can be so complicated at times. It is the time of getting to know someone, and there are many things you may not know about your partner’s likes and dislikes until they come up. When it comes to your boyfriend that isn’t any different, he’s not going to be a mind reader. This can lead to difficulties and misunderstanding. Here are ten things the experts say your boyfriend really needs to hear you say, to help with the relationship.

  1. Wardrobe Hints. Men and women do view fashion differently. If your boyfriend is prone to loving old shirts and torn jeans then complaining isn’t going to make it better. You can make a few suggestions in a positive way that show you care, but will encourage him to find something great looking, but still comfortable.
  2. I’m proud of you. Acknowledge his achievements. Whether they are at work, or in relation to his hobbies or sports, he needs to know that what is important to him, is also important to you.
  3. Asking For Help. Everyone likes to feel needed, and that is especially true for guys. Don’t overdo it and expect them to do everything for you, but don’t be so independent that you never ask them for assistance, either.
  4. Changing Habits. We all have those things we do that drive others crazy. But sometimes we’re not even aware of those habits ourselves. If you can tell him about the habits he has that bother you, it can often be a great motivation for changing, as long as you aren’t preachy about it.
  5. Suggestions. Don’t leave it up to him to make all the suggestions regarding how to spend your time together or where to go on a date. Be willing to make some suggestions yourself.
  6. Cooking Compliments. If you have a boyfriend who enjoys cooking, be sure and let him know that you appreciate his cooking skills and his willingness to share his culinary talents with you. Not every girlfriend gets that kind of treat.
  7. Nice Wheels! For many guys, their vehicle is there prize possession. Taking notice of his vehicle, even if it’s just to comment on how nice his wax job looks, will do wonders for his ego.
  8. Redecorating. Some guys are great with setting up house, but many aren’t. If they aren’t they’ll often appreciate some advice or help making their apartment look a little homier. Just remember to keep it masculine and don’t be adding too many ruffles and flowers.
  9. Feeling Wanted And Important. If you have lots of demands on your time, it is easy to leave your boyfriend feeling a little neglected. Just telling him know how much he means to you, from time to time, is really important.
  10. You’re looking good! Girls aren’t the only ones who like to be complimented on their appearance. When your boyfriend is looking especially sharp, tell him so. It will encourage him to always look his best, when he’s with you.

Sometimes you need to remember to express your thoughts out loud, and not just keep them to yourself. Finding those ways to improve your communication can really help to make the relationship grow.

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