Ten Things You Need To Know Before Proposing

So you’ve been dating a while, and things are going really well between you two. You think you might have finally found that special someone. You’ve got lots in common, enjoy one another’s company like no one else you’ve ever met, and are thinking about taking that next step. Hold on.

Fact is, far too many couples head down the aisle without knowing all the things they really need to in order to have a sound foundation for their marriage. The following are 10 things you need to know before proposing, or answering ‘yes’:

  1. Family Matters – Whether you like it or not, you’re marrying into a family, and family does indeed matter. Know ahead of time whether you’re all going to get along.
  2. Children – If either of you already has kids, you’ve got more than one relationship to build on. If neither of you is a parent, discuss whether (and when) you’d like to start a family of your own. Don’t expect these things to sort themselves out after taking the vows.
  3. Money Matters – Financial issues are one of the chief causes of marital strife. How well do you handle money, and how well do you know your partner’s track record regarding finances?
  4. Religion/Spirituality – If you don’t share the same views about religion, and are taking a live-and-let-live approach to your differences, it could become an issue later if you do decide to raise children.
  5. Career Goals – Two-income families are the norm in these economic times; so with the likelihood that you will both have jobs, consider whether they will create conflict for your future together.
  6. Know Your Partner’s Shortcomings (and whether you can live with them) – Face it, neither of you is perfect; but hoping that he or she will change after saying “I do” is a recipe for failure.
  7. Friends/Social Lives – Married life takes commitment and compromise, and it’s not always easy for a partner to give up every aspect of their single life. Can you both strike a healthy balance between marriage and your single friends?
  8. Sex – This is another area that can cause big trouble down the road, in a couple of different ways. Marriage is often assumed to be a monogamous sexual relationship for the rest of your lives. Are you both in agreement that this is what you want and are committing too?
  9. Wedding Plans – Although this is a subject usually left for discussion after the engagement, it can save a lot of strife later if you’ve got an idea what each other wants beforehand.
  10. Geography – Whether or not you live in the same area now, it’s a good idea to talk about where you’d both like to live in the long haul.

There’s no sure-fire blueprint to marital bliss, but going in with eyes wide-open and communicating with one another are an absolute must for the success of any marriage.

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