Ten Dating Profile Mistakes

A successful relationship often starts with a great first impression. If you are looking for someone through an online dating site you can make that first great impression with your dating profile. So that you do not mess up and miss out on a great opportunity, here are ten dating profile mistakes to avoid. Thanks to for their article about your online dating profile and what not to say.

[Here is] what makes a dating profile unpopular. Least popular profiles were defined people who had three date offers or less in the span of two months on the site. Here are the phrases used by the folks who only got three or fewer offers for a date in three months.

The general point of the discussion is not to use cliches, not to lie and to be yourself.

Ten Dating Profile Mistakes

  1. Over the bar scene
  2. Too busy to meet someone
  3. I can’t believe I’m online dating
  4. Looking for the one
  5. Tired of games
  6. Moonlit walks on the beach
  7. I live life to the fullest
  8. Want to be swept off my feet
  9. I work hard and play hard
  10. I want the total package

Read the article. It has some good comments.

Be Real

We recently wrote about making it simple to meet someone in our article, Just Say, “Hi.” If the other person is looking for a friend and is someone whom you will like, they will find a way to respond and help you strike up a conversation. The same applies to your online profile. If you make your profile seem too forces, too self-absorbed or too good to be true you will not make a good impression and will not get any offers for a date. Be real and avoid the ten dating profile mistakes.

Aiming for a Relationship

If you are getting into online dating you are in all likelihood seeking a happy relationship online.

It is all too common in dating to think too far ahead. Once you have set some basic criteria for who you want to meet and go out with, post your information on a dating web site or two. Take a few online dating precautions such as making sure that the twenty year old guy you are chatting with is not really a married sixty year old with eight children, all older than you. Then, meet some people online. Go out for a few face to face dates. Have a good time and do not start out by making your dating experience a puzzle to be solved. The person with whom you will eventually spend the rest of your life should be someone whose company you enjoy. He or she should ideally be funny and interesting as well as honest and hardworking. Most importantly, he or she will light a flame of passion in your heart that grows with each passing day. Although there is love at first sight it does not always happen. So, relax, go out with one or two or more people and enjoy yourself. When that special someone arrives on the scene you will know.

Along the way do not sabotage yourself right off the bat. Avoid the ten dating profile mistakes.

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