Teenage Dating Tips

Flirting is an incredible and unique experience and can make you feel very happy, but it can make you feel bad if it does not go the way you were planning.

For teenagers it is different: we get butterflies in our stomach every time we see the person we like at school or the teacher we like but the feelings are more intense as it is the first time we have fallen in love in our lives.

The anxiety is just the beginning, dating or flirting is an art that we will eventually grow used to and enjoy. Always remember that no one is born knowing how to flirt. At first, you will probably feel insecure and freeze when you see the person you like, but remember that unless you take the risk to go and talk to them and eventually play the game of flirtation, you will never learn.

Movies have deceived us into thinking that flirting is something spectacular and within three minutes after meeting someone we can easily fall in love at the first sight, but the reality is different. However, the attraction and emotions can be that spectacular and that is because in our teen years we begin to picture in our minds what we like in a man or a woman: their eyes, lips, smile…

Flirting is an art and in order for you to become a good artist we list some teenage flirting tips below, most of them are based on the way we look, which does not mean that feelings do not count. However, the fact that romantic novels say that looks are not important, what is on the inside is not the first thing a person sees.

In our teenage days it is common for young men not to pay attention to hygiene or physical care. This is why our flirting advice for teens is to have good hygiene: use cologne or deodorant—but don’t use too much—girls like it when boys smell good.

Looks are more important in adolescence than in any other stage of life. If you have a street or alternative look it does not mean you do not need to brush your teeth, clip your fingernails or use deodorant. Whatever clothing style you choose, try to be presentable; fashion may change as the years go by, but cleanliness and a healthy attitude never go out of fashion.

Being nervous does not help. It doesn’t matter how much you like the person, try not to seem desperate to show them how much you like them. Flirtation is a game of movements and looks that have to be relaxed and natural; firstly, you need an answer to continue the game, but if no response is forthcoming, do not give away your feelings completely. If your feelings are not reciprocated, do not push.

Therefore, if you are rejected, it is not the end of the world: teenagers have very little experience in love and often failures hurt more than their actual importance in the scheme of things. Always keep in mind the possibility that your flirting or feelings might not be reciprocated.

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