Talking About Sex

Talking about sex online sounds like a lot of fun but be careful. Both men and women think about sex, some think about it all day long. However, the curious thing is that talking about sex too soon in any relationship, online or in person, can be a turnoff. The same person who has fantasized about having steamy sex with you may find the fact that you bring up the subject to be too aggressive. Here is flirting comes in. Hints and suggestions often do the job without overt descriptions of just what you would like to do with him or her when you finally meet face to face.

Many women and men as well have a comfort zone from which they operate most effectively. Break into that comfort zone, threaten their fantasies, and you may find that they will not answer your next chat message much less agree to meet your for that much anticipated first date. On the other hand if you proceed slowly you will usually find that your new friend, man or woman, will enjoy of the game of suggestion. There is an intimacy the builds with exchanging ideas, exchanging the hint of desire, and exchanging mental images of a happy relationship. With time and patience each comes to a level of comfort and each lets the other into his or her world, the comfort zone.

It is when the he and she share level of comfort that talking about sex does not lead to a sense of frustration but rather leads to real live intimacy that delights and enriches each. Just take is slow talking about sex and you will more likely get where you want to be and not find that he or she does not answer your emails.

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