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How Do You Know if the Person You Are Dating Is the One?

When we starting dating it may be just to have a good time or it may be the start of a quest to find a person to spend our life with. It may be after a hot first date or after a relationship has developed that you think maybe this is the one. But, how […]


Dating Someone from Outside of Your Socioeconomic Class

The value of online dating is that it lets you meet a lot more people than you might have before the electronic and internet era. Little girls may have dreamed of meeting prince charming but the odds were always against dating someone from outside of your socioeconomic class. After all the rich go to different […]


Women Only Dating App

The world of dating has become more exclusive with a women only dating app. The Washington Post reports on a dating app just for women. “Her” is aimed at lesbian women who want to link up with other lesbian women who live nearby. The programming of this dating app promises to accelerate the dating process. […]


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