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Online Dating When You Are a Single Parent

You are a single mom or dad. Perhaps you had a difficult relationship and are glad to be out of it and perhaps you lost the love of your life due to accident or illness. Either way you are ready to have another adult back in your life and a little romance would be nice […]


Do You Trust Online Dating?

Online dating can lead to you finding the love of your life. And it can lead to being scammed. The Mirror in the UK reports how a Nigerian gang conned a woman out of £20,000. A woman claimed a Nigerian gang posing as an online love interest conned her out of £20,000. ‘Elizabeth’ – which […]


Online Dating Scams

Before you get lured into the hype of online dating sites, you need to know the dark side of dating online, also known as online dating scams. Online dating scams are something you cannot afford to get caught up in, getting scammed online can not only break your heart, but can financially ruin any person […]


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