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Advice to the Lovelorn

A generation or more ago it was common to see columns offering advice to the lovelorn in every newspaper in the country. With the demise of big city newspapers we have also seen the demise of advice to the lovelorn offers. Anyone who routinely encounters a series of hot first dates or commonly finds sex […]


Lonely U.S. Troops Abroad Turning To Online Dating Sites How long after you start dating someone should sex occour? For many younger people, like high schooler, sex is as common as using the toilet-nothing special, so they have sex on the first date… For older adults, they wait a bit till they get to know the person… Waiting until marriage runs the risk […]


Why The Vulnerable And Lonely Are At Risk When Online Dating

Recent increases in online dating participation has seen fraud and deceptive marriages rise to an all time high. The largely unregulated online dating industry provides an easy means for snakes in the grass to prey upon the vulnerable. With online dating and chat rooms now probably the biggest form of matchmaking known to men and […]


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