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Dating Someone from Outside of Your Socioeconomic Class

The value of online dating is that it lets you meet a lot more people than you might have before the electronic and internet era. Little girls may have dreamed of meeting prince charming but the odds were always against dating someone from outside of your socioeconomic class. After all the rich go to different […]


Is the Same Level of Education Important When You Are Dating?

What should you look for when deciding to date someone? You may fantasize about a hot first date but how about finding someone, hot, that you can spend your life with? A question that came up recently is if the same level of education is important when you are dating? Does education matter wonders Science […]


How To Have A Good First Date

We all would like a hot first date, love at first sight, and love ever after. However, a more practical matter is how to have a good first date. What can you do to increase the odds of having a good time with your new friend on your first date? Here are a few thoughts […]


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