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Do You Want a Love Life or a Relationship?

Are you are new to the world of dating? Or are you back in the dating scene after breaking up with your last partner? In either case, it is useful to think about what you are looking for when you go out with someone. In short, do you want a love life or a relationship? […]


Fighting and Making Up or Not

Even in very happy relationships couples have disagreements, hurt feelings and fights. Fights are almost inevitable in your dating, relationship or married life. How you deal with each other, how you deal with the issues involved and how you resolve issues can be critical to the success of your relationship. And, if you never fight […]


The Most Important Thing in a Relationship

We write a lot about how to handle a first date, how to take your time and find the right person and ways to develop and maintain a happy relationship. The question that you might ask is what is the most important thing in a relationship? Is it communication? Is it sexual compatibility? Is it […]


Bring The Romance Back

The two of you have been married for seven years. You have two healthy children. He has a good job and prospects for advancement. You have gone back to work now that your second child is in day care. The two of you are busy with work and the kids and life is good, except… […]


Seduction or Relationship

When you go online in hopes of meeting someone, what sort of situation are you looking for? A hot first date is always a great fantasy but if you want sex there is typically a bit of seduction involved. And if you want the sex to continue a relationship will develop. Alternatively you can meet […]


Enjoyable Relationships

When you go out on dates are you looking for enjoyable relationships or just thinking of how to get sex on the first date? Both are possible, but not always with the same persons. Our repeated advice is to go out on a date to have a good time, socialize, meet someone new and let […]


Successful First Date

When you are thinking about how to have a successful first date it matters a lot whether you are just looking for a hot first date or really want to find someone with whom to start a happy relationship. A hot first date is just all about hormones. Coming on too strongly may ruin your […]


Always Love Online

There is always love online if you just look. People join online dating sites because they want to meet someone and because they want a relationship and a love interest in their life. You job is to make yourself available and to find that special someone from the many who are looking for love on […]


A Happy Relationship

In bringing up the subject of a happy relationship you will notice that we did not ask, “Does your boyfriend make you happy.” We did not ask, “Does your girlfriend do things to make you happy?” A happy relationship depends on both persons. A happy relationship is not all work and it is never, never, […]


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