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Can You Find Your Love with an Apple Watch?

The latest and greatest smart device is the Apple Watch. This time piece also is a mini computer, cell phone, etc. If you like dating apps you can have them installed on your Apple Watch and use them to find the love of your life! Macworld touts 10 Apple Watch dating apps. Tim Cook called […]


New Dating Apps Cut to the Chase

Does the whole process of online dating seem a little tedious? Have you sorted through many people who answered your resume and then gone out on a real live date that was a total failure? When that happens it means a lot of work wasted. What if you just meet up with someone without all […]


8 Apps Forever Changing College Dating

Dating in college used to depend in equal parts on luck and sticking your neck out to possibly have your ego chopped off by rejection. Thankfully the technology has come along to both give fate a little nudge and avoid undue damage to the old pride. A handful of apps are making permanent marks on […]


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