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Succeed in Dating by Learning to Love Yourself First

You have been going out on dates and are not getting any repeats. What should you do to get a second date? Most of us go out on a first date with romance in mind, so a hot first date is always welcome. But what if you want many encores and a happy life with […]


Will You Ever Find a Man if You Hate Men?

This article assumes that you are female and heterosexual. What we write applies to both sexes and any sexual preference, but you need to make the appropriate adjustments. The details of sexual abuse revealed by the Me Too movement generally come as no surprise to most women although many men still do not get it. […]


Does Fear of Failure Keep You in a Bad Relationship?

The most important people in a relationship are you and your friend. Your family, friends and social group are not the ones who need to be happy. But, unfortunately, social pressure, peer pressure and nagging family can set us up for failure in our relationships. Letting everyone else give advice on your relationship is like […]


What Can You Do If Your New Boyfriend Is a Psychopath?

You met this new guy and though that he might be the one. He seemed to really care about you and your family at first but as time goes on he has become more and more irritable, aggressive and manipulative. It turns out that your boyfriend has a mental health disorder. What can you do […]


How to Know When You Should Leave a Relationship

Relationships can make your life complete or they can be a black hole from which escape seems impossible. Problems in relationships are normal and can be dealt with but when have you had enough? This is about how to know when you should leave a relationship. New Relationship and It Is Not Working The easiest […]


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