Surviving Separation from the Love of Your Life

We have recently focused our writing on dating and the covid-19 pandemic. Luckily, online dating still works at this time to meet people and get to know them through chats, emails, and even phone calls. As we have noted, there are issues with dating safety and especially sex during the covid-19 era. But, there is also the problem of surviving separation from the love of your life. You have developed a close relationship and he or she was traveling for work, the military, or simply for fun when the pandemic hit. Now the two of you are separated as travel is restricted between countries and even within the boundaries of nations. This is not a new situation in the world. Wars, economic circumstances, political issues, and social unrest have caused many to be separated in the past and they survived.

Surviving Separation from the Love of Your Life

A few years ago we wrote about getting dating advice from Grandma. The voice of experience is good to listen to when you are confused about something in your dating life. And, grandma may well have been in a serious relationship during an era when the country was at war. The love of her life was in harm’s way and fighting for his country half the world away. How did she survive this separation and how did their relationship survive? Communication is the key to lasting relationships and this is especially true when you are separated for a long period of time. Fortunately, the internet makes communication easier. Unfortunately, it also makes for brief messages and sharing of content generated by someone else. In Grandma’s youth, people wrote letters. They sent them across the world and their loved one read and cherished the news from home and every word written by the one they loved. These letters were kept, cherished, and read over and over again. If you take the time to compose a heartfelt message to the one that you love, it will help both of you survive a long term separation.

Putting Your Thoughts into Writing Helps in Many Ways

The value of writing something to send to the one that you love goes beyond good communication. When we take the time to put our words into writing it helps us make difficult decisions as well. If you are now thinking that your relationship was a mistake to begin with because of abuse issues, writing instead of sending brief comments via WhatsApp will help you better understand what you need to do and how to do it. You may wish to ask the love of your life to write something for you as well. That is often a good way to find out what he or she is really thinking and what he or she really wants out of your relationship. It is also a good way to decide if a person in a foreign country with whom you are chatting is really interested in you are just interested in your money!

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