Sun Glasses That Go Best With Your Face

It seems that every summer the sunglass industry (with a little help from Hollywood) honors a classic look from the past. But the fact that Brad Pitt and Leo Di Caprio wore a certain pair of Aviator sunglasses when they paraded down the red carpet does not mean that those glasses are the pair for you… at least not yet.

“The rule when it comes to sunglasses or any other type of glasses is to match the geometry of your face,” said Kenny Moscot, co-owner of Sol Moscot, of Manhattan. “If you have a strong jaw and defined cheekbones, you need glasses with more curves. If you have a round or oval face rectangular frames are better.”

Because your face does not change, whatever the fashion of the day is you will want to stick with the shapes that match your features.

Round Face

“Remember this mantra: round glasses on a round face only make your face look rounder”, says Moscot. It is better to opt for angular or rectangular frames to introduce some lines and angularity to your face.

Icons: 1950s Beat Generation, Malcolm X, Johnny Depp

Example: Rosas5 redesigned by Ray-Ban; the Zelig Moscot; The NEBB.

Square Face

If you have a prominent jaw, it is convenient that you call attention to the top of your face (away from the wider bottom). “Look for glasses that are heavy at the top, with some curves to help soften and balance your face,” advises Moscot. Square faced men look good in Aviator sunglasses.

Icons: (Tom Cruise in Top Gun) fighter pilots, G-men (Will Smith in Men In Black)

Example: Ray-Ban Aviator

Oval Face

With an oval face you need to cover more space between the upper and lower parts of your face. “Stay away from geometric or small frames”, says Moscot. “They will make your face look even longer than it is.”

Icons: Run-D.M.C. and the scene hip hop from the 1980s, the cast of “Entourage”

Examples: Prada Rossa; The 3039J model of Polo Ralph Lauren.

Heart-Shaped Face

“If you have wide cheekbones and a narrow chin, wear sunglasses with narrow frames and no rings”, advises Moscot. In doing so you direct attention to the middle and lower parts of your face and avoid having your upper face appear larger.

Icons: Marathon runners, police officers, Barack Obama

Example: Ray-Ban 3217; Nanowires 2.0 by Oakley.

Pear Shaped Face

You can minimize the appearance of your larger jaw and lower face by using frames without a mount on the bottom. “This creates the illusion of moving the eyes upwards, away from the wider part of your face,” says Moscot.

Icons: Lance Armstrong (No mount at the bottom), Buddy Holly (top heavy)

Example: Oakley Half-Wire 2.0; Moscot Lemtosh.

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