Summer Is Here: Protect Your Skin

Summer finally arrived and surfing, beer parties, bathing suits, and vacations are in full swing. But summer is also the time for sunburn, dry and cracked skin. Forget about shaving too? We consulted two experts on skin care and have a few suggestions that will allow you to shave, protect your skin, and, in fact, save your skin from aging while you enjoy summer.

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention

Alma g. owns the salon Alma G. Salon in Manhattan, which is a favorite among celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and the composer and lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler. Alma G knows that prevention is key to keeping your skin young and healthy. Using sunscreen is the main thing. He says, “I recommend a SPF 30 for the face and a 15 or more for the rest of the body.” Apply it 15 to 20 minutes before leaving, so that the skin absorbs it completely. “If you’re going to engage in activities which will make you sweat, apply the sunscreen again every few hours throughout the day.”

Daniela Pranjic, Manager of spa hotels Paradisus Punta Cana and Paradisus Palma Real in the Dominican Republic, says that he often sees guests who, after spending the winter in the United States come to the for sand and sun return home completely burned. “It is important to take it easy the first few days,” says Pranjic. And this is not only for winter vacations in the Caribbean. It is also true for the first days of summer in the North. To be well prepared for the first warm days Pranjic recommends plenty of water and natural juices. When not specifically sun bathing, a cap is a good idea and clothing to provide UV protection.

Going to the pool is great fun in summer. Just remember that chlorine not only washes off sunscreen but dries you skin as well. To combat the effects of chlorine apply sunscreen apply lotion when you leave the pool. Obviously swimming night does not require worrying about sunscreen but you still need to use some baby oil or other moisturizing cream or lotion to keep your skin from drying out. Not you you take the desire to throw yourself into the pool? Forward, but remember that the chlorine you can attack twice: causes that comes out the sunscreen and dry you the skin. To combat this, remember to apply cream after coming out of the water again.

You can avoid chlorine by swimming in the sea. Salt water can be good for the skin but you still want to use sunscreen. Salt water works like an exfoliator and improves irritated skin. Just make sure to apply a lubricant afterwards.

And If Prevention Fails

Well, you had a great time at the beach, the ball game, or just sunning yourself and reading a book in the back yard. And you forgot the sunscreen. Your skin is a beautiful fuchsia. Don’t worry. Alma G. has a few home remedies that will help to rehydrate and calm burned skin. Carefully open a few Vitamin E capsules and sprinkle the contents on the burned areas. Aloe Vera or olive oil also helps. A slightly more complicated remedy is to mix whole milk and apples in a blender and apply to burned skin. Be careful not to try to remove peeling skin. The burned areas are very tender and prone to injury. Just treat the skin and let it heal. If you have developed blisters these are second degree burns. Go to see your doctor!

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