Success on the First Date

You met this great man or woman and the two of you are going on a Saturday night date. Will you have fun? Will he or she like you? Will you have success on the first date? This depends, to a degree, on what you are looking for. If you simply want to meet someone new and get to know them you will likely have success on the first date. If you are looking for sex on the first date, that is a different matter. Developing a meaningful, long term relationship is not going to happen on the first date. But, sometimes there is love at first sight and you know from day one that he or she is the person you will spend the rest of your life with. But, really, does love at first sight last? Here are a few thoughts about success on the first date.

Hot Dates

Is a hot first date success on the first date? It is if what you are looking for is physical enjoyment and a compatible sexual partner. There is also the school of thought that what burns hot to start with soon burns out. If your idea of success is getting the other person into bed, don’t be surprised if you get turned down. And don’t be surprised if the willing sexual partner on the first date has many other willing partners and you need to take a number and stand in line waiting for his or her sexual attentions. If this is your goal for success on the first date make sure to carry condoms and get tested routinely for sexually transmitted diseases.

Cheap Dates

Maybe you want to go out with that special someone but do not have a lot of cash. There are many ways to go out on a , ways that are still enjoyable. Oftentimes a first date that focuses on talking and doing something simple together takes the pressure off and allows each of you to get to know each other better. If you like each other you may find that cheap first dates blend into a strong relationship and an intimate relationship as well.

The Kiss

Does kissing on the first date translate into success on the first date? A little peck on the cheek may not be especially sexy but it can mean that he or she is interested in going out together again in the near future. An attempt at a passionate kiss when the other person is not expecting it may awaken a flame of passion or anger that is followed quickly by a slap across the face. Before attempting a kiss on the first date make sure that the two of you are having a good time, maybe holding hands, or at least maintaining eye contact. And, it never hurts to ask, “May I kiss you.” If he or she says “yes” your kiss may be more passionate and even lead to more intimacy. If he or she says no, you will know clearly where you stand and not waste time fantasizing about the next date with someone who really does not like you.

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